If you want the best for yourself, start with what's most important. A new approach to your health and performance

Our personal training methodology follows the same mentality as our athletic based programming. We assure long term and goal-oriented programming is put into place for each of our clients. By taking this approach CCSC has risen to one of the most popular and well respected personal training service here on the central coast.

During our intake process we talk, assess and individualise every measure to assure you program and nutrition accurately matches both your goal and lifestyle. Our areas of speciality include strength, conditioning, muscle gain, fat loss and fitness test training (emergency service and defence forces).

Our personal training will give you the one on one attention needed to cut through the guess work and maximise returns from your investment. 

Our Training Philosophy

Our personal training service is second to none as we take a systems-based method to your training. Unlike conventional methods, we look beyond just the workout that is in front of us. We aim to develop a global exercise, nutrition and recovery program that is aimed at ticking small milestones until you reach your goals. 

Anyone can make someone feel tired, sweaty and sore in the gym, but a good coach knows how to work on your goals 24/7 365 days a year looking at the systems required to be your best.

Our Trainers

Why Choose CCSC?


Tailored for you and your goals. These exercises can be followed in your personal training sessions with our coaches, as well as in your own environment in your own time.


Our belief is that anyone can push you until you are fatigued but it takes a passionate & knowledgeable coach to teach you the ins and out of exercise & good nutrition. Our clients will often adhere to exercise for longer periods of time because they UNDERSTAND why they are performing movements & therefore see more value in their training sessions.


Injuries can be tricky, but our coaches work alongside allied health professionals such as physio’s, chiro’s & exercise physiologists to put together holistic training programs. These programs address, manage & avoid injuries while simultaneously achieving your own training goals.

WE ARE University-qualified

Each of our coaches hold a degree in Exercise & Sport Science, meaning they understand at a deeper level how the human body moves, how anatomy is structured & what exercises have been shown to help manage conditions.

What is included?

1 on 1 Personal Training

Investing In Performance
$ 80
  • Performance Testing
  • Customised Training Program
  • 1 on 1 Sessions with Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Access to the Central Coast Strength & Conditioning App
  • Access to Open Gym
  • Access to member only resources