A place where people come to be their best

Central Coast Strength & Conditioning is a private gym designed for one thing and one thing only – Your individual goals. By taking the time to work with one of our Exercise Science Coaches, you will receive in return the greatest amount of evidence-based information about how to achieve your goals, along with structured individualised programming, workouts and nutritional guidelines so you have every corner covered.

Personal Training

1 on 1 training with individulised programming to suit your goals
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Athlete Development Program

Individualised high performance strength and conditioning for athletes in all sports.
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Group & Team Training

All the benefits of personal training, at a fraction of the cost
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Programming and advice from Professionals

At CCSC we separate ourselves from the competition via our dedication to individualised programming and assessment of each client. We do this via advanced screening methods with the latest technology available here at the gym and our degrees in exercise and human movement science. This combination coupled with our experience leaves our clients confident that they are getting the absolute gold standard in exercise prescription and assessment.

Our Advantages

Science Meets Fitness

University qualification in Exercise and Sport Science gives a deeper knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, function & psychology giving us the know-how to a bring the gold standard in exercise programming for any fitness & performance goal.

Industry Experience

Over the last 6 years, we have worked closely with allied health professionals to prescribe exercise to those who need the most help, while simultaneously working with state, national & international athletes bring their best performance when it matters. Our experience allows us to be confident in our methods of coaching for all our clients.

Strength & Conditioning Specialists

In the fitness industry its common for trainers to be jack of all trades. However, we believe that by sticking true with strength, conditioning, pre-hab and exercise programming, we have honed our skills to be the very best in our local area at what we do!