Individualised high performance strength and conditioning for athletes in all sports.

We’re all about turning everyday people into world-class athletes.

We want you to have the best possible chance at success by giving your body everything it needs for peak performance, no matter what sport or level of play that may be! 

The problem with most programs

Strength and conditioning training has become a necessary evil for almost every athlete. Whether it be through programs at your club, something put together on the spot by coach or self-coached – most athletes think they’re prepared in this department but aren’t seeing the progress they expect or deserve.

If you’re an athlete looking for a way to get stronger, fitness programs should be able help. Unfortunately most of them have been proven ineffective and only serve as promoted by coaches who want more money from their clients without providing any real value in return–a far cry from what they claim will happen!

Unfortunately, most athletes are fed misinformation and training gimmicks that don’t actually make them better. Instead of helping you avoid injury (the goal) and improve performance, these programs only serve as a way to increase fatigue which can lead back into more problems with pain or inflammation down the line!

We are on a mission to help athletes achieve their full potential. No one who should walk away from sports before finding out just how far they can go!

CCSC’s Athletic Development Squad

CCSC has been implementing strength & conditioning programs with athletes for 7 years here on the Central Coast. In that time, we have developed tried and true methods for developing an athletes physical potential, reducing their injury risk and creating lifestyle habits that support their training and performance goals.

One of our biggest lessons learnt over that time is that coaching is more than simply writing a program. Coaching is a science and it’s an art. The science can be found in the “what” and the art is found in the “how”. How we demonstrate movements, how we explain principles, how we adjust, progress and regress through our systems and how we create a performance-based environment is the how that separates good from great and average from elite.

Our Athletic Development Squad (ADS) is our way of backing this mentality to better serve the athletes of the Central Coast. We want every set, rep and movement implemented perfectly to yield the greatest returns for our athletes investment. Gone are the days of a cookie cutter program from the club, online programs not designed for you and generic group fitness classes for conditioning. The ADS identifies your strengths & weaknesses, focuses on the demands of your sport, partners with your allied health professionals, and carefully designs the best program for your performance.

Confidence is key to a strong performance. The ADS aims to install your confidence by taking care of all your strength and conditioning needs. We are here to support you every step of the way. We provide the high-performance gym with everything you will need, your individualised program written by qualified exercise scientists, the coaching staff dedicated delivering the highest quality sessions and the supportive environment created by other disciplined and motivated local athletes.

Remove any doubt in preparation for your next performance by investing in this one-stop shop for your strength & conditioning needs.

Why you would benefit from a strength & conditioning coach?

Whether you are someone who is interested in a new method of training or an elite athlete who is looking for strength and conditioning training, the Athlete Development Program uses evidence-based practices when custom-tailoring a program for you.

Our strength and conditioning programs are personalised to meet your existing fitness levels and experience while building up to performance goals. We believe that any good training program needs updated measures of strength and conditioning capacities and that guessing is just not good enough. 

What are the some of the typical goals of our athletes?

We are experienced training athletes from all sports. Our athletes come from a range of backgrounds and have a range of performance goals:

  • Vertical leap improvements
  • Faster sprint times
  • Full body strength and power
  • Explosive agility improvements
  • Greater fitness and work capacity
  • Return to play after injury
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Running technique coaching
  • Core strengthening

Youth Athletes


elite athletes

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amateur athletes


Performance Testing

CCSC has invested in the latest sport science technology to assess and accurately measure your bodies strength, power, imbalances and performance across the entire body. Our Forcedeck's and Nord Boards create instant data that we can compare to a body of research based evidence for athletes in your chosen sport.

4-6 times per year we will put you through a barrage of tests and compare them to previous results and professional athletes competing in your chosen sport. The same applies to rehabilitation clients who need to reach certain strength levels in order to return to sport. These values can be shared with your coach OR physiotherapist in a holistic approach to your performance.

The perfect environment for developing athletes!

Customised Programming

We take the time to get know each athlete individually, so that we can provide them with custom programming tailored just for their sport and goals.

Elite Coaches

We're ready to help you perform at your best! Our entire team works together and collaborates with you sports coach or Allied Health Professional in order for us all succeed.

High Performance Environment

Surrounded by like minded individuals in a high performance environment with the latest equipment, you will have access to your elite coach at every session undertaken

Guided By Qualified and Experienced Trainers

What is included in the program?

Athlete Development Program

OVer $8,000 in value!
$ 80
  • Individualised training program for your goals
  • Weekly semi-private group training sessions with a max 1:5 coach to athlete ratio
  • Access to the Central Coast Strength & Conditioning App
  • Full gym access during operating hours
  • Specialised Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • 6 x performance testing session per year
  • Access to member only resources

Establish, Work towards, and exceed your goals


Athletes of differing levels and phases in their competition calendar will have different frequencies in their training program. Often the minimum is three sessions per week. You can book in and perform all these sessions with a coach by booking in via the app.

YES! This is a one stop shop. Although we advise training under the guide of your coaches for perfect implementation the gym available in our opening hours to be used by yourself

Each session will have a maximum ratio of four athletes to one coach to assure quality.

We develop a system for our sessions that can be individualised at each step depending on the sport and phase of competition. For example, the first 5min could be dedicated to our movement prep. What each individual exercise in the movement prep is totally depends on the athlete completing the sessions. This is the same for the power, strength, accessory, and resilience blocks of the session.

Results are measured through regular testing that is programmed in every 8-10 weeks. Results are shared on the app and can be measure against previous results.

YES! In fact, injured athletes may get the most out of this program. We will speak directly with your allied health professional and share our programming thoughts with them prior to implementation to assure we are progressing you as they desire. We can work around your injury and get you back to previous fitness levels ASAP.

At CCSC we have been developing systems for years based of different sports, their training calendars, and our previous experiences. These systems allow us to take all the information from your assessments, consults and testing to adapt these systems for your fitness levels, goals, and previous/current injuries. Programs are individualised via adaption of tried-and-true methods.

Yes! The sessions are small enough that coaches have enough time on their hands every session for detailed explanations, cues, adjustments, progressions, and regressions of every athlete’s program during the sessions. You will be 100% covered every session.

Yes. With access to the app, you can train from anywhere. Of course, under the watchful eye of our coaches we believe the session will be implemented better but if it is something your prefer then all of your data will be available at the touch of your fingers. If limited equipment is available, we can adjust your program for this.

The initial 8 weeks is lock in. This gives us 1 week to meet, assess and design your training program and 7 weeks to implement before re-testing your fitness levels. If after 8 weeks, you do not wish to continue with our ADS you may cancel your membership with 7 days’ notice.