Our Trainers

A.K.A “The Boss”.
Matt lives and breathes his business and built the gym brick by brick from conception, to his mum’s garage through now to his third and most well equipped facility. 

Matt gained his degree from Newcastle University and has since been invited back to speak and teach the next generation of exercise scientist. 

Matt’s approach to coaching is to not find a new way to spin the wheel, but instead find a more efficient way to spin it.

Matt leads his team from the front and places a high emphasise on quality of work over the quantity. 

Athletes enjoy the benefits that come with Matt keeping up with the latest research, collaborations with local experts and his constant drive to better the working environment for anyone who steps into his facility

Tim is a passionate and hard working coach who wants to see all of her clients achieve the goals they set out while building the confidence within themselves to implement training and nutrition into their lifestyles. Interests: Resistance training for females, fat loss, strength training, conditioning & health promotion Qualifications: Exercise Scientist Personal Trainer 

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